At Jewish Incarcerated Family Services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to the incarcerated. Our chaplaincy program plays a crucial role in this mission, offering spiritual guidance, emotional support, and mentorship to those who are currently serving time in detention centers and correctional facilities.

Research has shown that faith-based associations and strong mentoring relationships can significantly reduce recidivism rates. As the only Jewish organization in Maryland focusing on building long-term, in-person relationships with incarcerated individuals, we are committed to providing the necessary elements for successful rehabilitation during and after incarceration.

Our chaplains and volunteers are deeply involved in the lives of the incarcerated individuals we serve. We begin offering services to them and their families during their detention in local county detention centers, providing triage support and working with them to develop a comprehensive plan for their future. We maintain regular contact throughout their journey, including transfers to other facilities and justice systems.

A vital aspect of our chaplaincy program is the personal connection we establish with each incarcerated individual. Our chaplains and volunteers strive to visit every individual at least once a month, with certain facilities receiving weekly visits. We are continually expanding our reach and currently onboarding multiple new locations each quarter.

Through our chaplaincy program, we create a supportive environment that addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated individuals, offering them guidance, hope, and a sense of belonging. By fostering meaningful connections and providing the necessary resources, we aim to transform lives, reduce recidivism, and contribute to a safer and more compassionate society.